KA1 “The NEET Challenge” organized by PROJUVEN in Torremolinos, Spain

This summer PROJUVEN had an opportunity to host another great training course called “The NEET Challenge”. The project aimed to equip youth workers with the necessary skills and educational tools in order to be capable to offer voluntary activities which will help NEET to make the first step, either for employment or education/training.

The training took place in Torremolinos, Spain, from 22-30 of June, and gathered together participants coming from 6 different countries – Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia, Italy and Spain.

During the project, participants discovered what is the current situation of NEETs in their own countries and what is the impact of having young people in NEET in the society. Moreover, one of their first group task was to find out and presented to the rest of the groups, the main risks factors for entering in NEET situation.

During the project week, youth workers also had different non-formal activities, discussions, debates and team group works. Through role-play games they invented several situations in which NEETs could be as well as proposed a “solutions” on how this youth NEET could become active again. In one of the training session, after introduced to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, participants should choose one of them and find its connection with youth NEET. They should explain in what way achieving the following goal could decrease the number of NEETs.

The training week included also a nice outdoor session on the beach, where participants had played different team working games in order to make them feel comfortable with each other. Moreover, an intercultural night was organized where each partner country representatives have presented its own culture and traditions, using Kahoot game, ppt, videos, dances as well as bringing some traditional food and beverage for the rest of the groups.

During the project, participants were offered different solutions and programmes available for young people who are NEET or in risk of becoming NEET. All together they discovered different national and EU programmes that can be helpful for young people, as well as participants learnt about the important role each of us have in preventing young people to become NEET.

In addition, one of the final activities that the participants had was the online and offline raise awareness campaign, where each of them should write their message on a paper and later on, in international groups they went in the city center of Torremolinos. Thanks of this outdoor campaign, youth workers had an opportunity to interact with local community and share more about our project objectives. However, the campaign show that unfortunately many young people have never heard about what is NEET and although some of them are not working, neither studying they do not consider themselves being NEET.

The training course finished with the release of the Youthpass certificates to all participants, presentation of Erasmus Plus opportunities and final evaluation of the training week. This training course was organized thanks to the support of the Spanish National Agency INJUVE through Erasmus Plus programme of the European Union.

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