September 25, 2016

Projuven International Network on Refugees – PINOR

Projuven International Network on Refugees (PINOR) is our formative and informative platform about inmigration and peacebuilding.

Our directions:
• Lobby and advocacy, we advocate at European level towards migrant inclusion and peacebuilding actions in the EU and sustainable migration policies
• Networking and cooperation, we connect with relevant stakeholders across Europe: companies, public institutions, NGOs, media and academia
• Raising awareness, together with our members we craft powerful messages on migration topic and peacebuilding to reach young Europeans
• Training programmes, we develop youth centered training courses aimed to develop youth workers skills and build new ones

We aim to create a new open portal to share free and non rhetorical information about immigration and peacebuilding actions, our platform will be free from prejudices and stereotypes, two weapons so often used by some politicians to justify their closed minds.

Our project will freely give tools, competences and information in order to raise awareness on migration issues, human rights and integration strategies.

Our complex task is to find shared points between migrants and people who live in the country to reach a mutual understanding and to create a more respectful atmosphere, this can increase the chances of good integration and strengthen links between different people with different stories to tell.


PINOR is growing quickly, if you are interested and want to join the project please contact us:

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