#PJstories – Interview with Rossella Marchione

Rossella Marchione participated in the Training Course “The NEET Challenge” organized by PROJUVEN in Torremolinos, Spain

Hello Rossella! Can you give us your opinion about the project “The NEET Challenge“? According to you, what support works best for young people at risk of becoming NEET?

Even if the neet phenomenon concerns most of the European countries, Italy records numbers that are decidedly higher than the average. This is a problem very close to me, which is why I appreciated being part of project targeting such a current topic. I believe it is essential to focus on tools and programmes that can give a positive and constructive boost to demotivated young people.

In my opinion, the best support lies in using training approach, which should be understood as a moment of evolution and growth. For this reason I believe that young people need trainers, facilitators and social workers who not only know how to motivate them and give them constant trust, but also help them to  look for job. I believe that relational and psychological tools are fundamental to get to the heart of the young people in NEET situation and move them from their inertia, because the challenge is beyond work.

The training provided me with important knowledge and tools, but what I appreciated the most was the collaboration between participants through the sharing of their experiences and their points of view. This gave everyone the opportunity to open its own mind to new perspectives. After this experience I will certainly be more active in encouraging debates that aim to find valid support for the young people belonging to NEET, and I will keep sharing all my new knowledge in people from my local community.


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