KA1 TTBH Booklet

This PDF booklet serves as a comprehensive summary of the KA1 Erasmus+ project titled “The Truth behind the Headlines.” Within its pages, the document meticulously outlines the primary objectives and learning outcomes that were targeted throughout the duration of the project. It provides a detailed overview of the training programme, including the methodologies employed, the Read more about KA1 TTBH Booklet[…]

Dissemination event in Estonia – TTBH

In a workshop hosted at Tõstamaa Youth Center, Karoliine took the lead in introducing the Erasmus+ project, “The Truth behind the Headlines”. Karoliine adeptly guided a group of ten young participants through the details of the project, offering insights into the collaborative learning environment that defines Erasmus+. Karoliine delved into the critical aspects of media Read more about Dissemination event in Estonia – TTBH[…]

Dissemination event in Bulgaria – TTBH

The representative of the Bulgarian team recently organized a significant dissemination event in Sofia, just before the Christmas holidays, focused on informing young people about the opportunities offered by Erasmus+ and the imperative need to identify fake news. This endeavor demonstrated the Bulgarian team’s dedication to broadening educational opportunities and fortifying society’s barriers against the Read more about Dissemination event in Bulgaria – TTBH[…]

Dissemination event in Belgium – TTBH

Representatives of ASUL recently hosted a concise yet impactful dissemination event in Belgium, focusing on informing young people about Erasmus+ opportunities and the critical need for fake news identification. This initiative highlighted ASUL’s commitment to not only expanding educational horizons but also fortifying societal defenses against the digital era’s misinformation epidemic. Leveraging their expertise from Read more about Dissemination event in Belgium – TTBH[…]

Dissemination event in Denmark – TTBH

The Danish Youth Team youth workers’ Jaime and Jurgita organized a noteworthy event in Aarhus, Denmark, with the goal of educating the local population about the numerous opportunities provided by Erasmus+ and the important topic of identifying fake news. This project demonstrated their dedication to not just promoting global and educational possibilities but also to Read more about Dissemination event in Denmark – TTBH[…]

Dissemination event in Italy – TTBH

In early December 2023, the Italian team that participated in the KA1 “The Truth Behind the Headlines” was granted a significant moment: the chance to deliver a presentation to their university peers in Turin addressing the knowledge and insights gained during the training course. The group, consisting of eager learners who have started a profound Read more about Dissemination event in Italy – TTBH[…]

Dissemination event in Romania – TTBH

Recently, Ruben Cristea, a participant from the KA1 Training course “The Truth Behind the Headlines”, organized an educational event at his local university in Brasov, Romania, on the 22nd of November. The main goals of this meeting were to break down the complicated nature of fake news in today’s media and to show the many Read more about Dissemination event in Romania – TTBH[…]

KA1 “The Truth Behind the Headlines” organized by PROJUVEN in Benalmádena, Spain

In early November 2023, a great KA1 training course titled “The Truth Behind the Headlines” (TTBH) took place in Benalmádena, Spain, marking a significant stride in the battle against misinformation. This project, which ran from the 3rd to the 10th of November, brought together 28 passionate youth workers from seven different countries, all united by Read more about KA1 “The Truth Behind the Headlines” organized by PROJUVEN in Benalmádena, Spain[…]

Dissemination event – KA2 SGE

Asociación PROJUVEN is glad to share the success of our recent local meeting held in Spain, dedicated to fostering a new wave of eco-conscious leaders through the “Spark of Green Entrepreneurship” project. This initiative marks a significant step forward in our mission to encourage sustainable development and environmental stewardship among young people and stakeholders across Read more about Dissemination event – KA2 SGE[…]

Dissemination event in Czech Republic – PNS

Dominik, a youth worker  from the Czech Republic took a step to enlighten his colleagues. Having participated in the “Prepared Not Scared” project, he organized a session to share his experience and new knowledge. He started by talking about his time there, the people he met, and the things he learned. He described the interactive Read more about Dissemination event in Czech Republic – PNS[…]