#PJstories – Interview with Shahroz Ahmad

Shahroz participated in the Training Course “Good Jobs Green Jobs” organized by PROJUVEN in Benalmádena, Spain

Hello Shahroz! Can you give us your opinion about the project “Good Jobs Green Jobs“?

It was my first-time taking part in an Erasmus + project, and I didn’t feel awkward or alone because our trainers made us feel extremely welcome. The initiative was intended to be highly enlightening, and it mostly impacts individuals on our age. Before taking part in this initiative, I had no idea how severe this situation was or what options we had. But I’m delighted I left Spain with new information on this topic.

Why is promoting the green economy so crucial? How can the green and just transition benefit the job career of young people?

The current global economic development trajectory is unsustainable from an environmental standpoint. Many of the world’s environmental resources are being degraded and depleted because of current production and consumption trends. As a result, new ways to promote equitable and ecologically sustainable economic development – a green economy – are required.

Due to a lack of skills in several areas such as waste sorting, eco-mobility, water management, renewable energies, risk prevention e.g., solar engineers, Recycling plant technicians, Sustainability supervisors, Drone engineers, Electric vehicle engineer, Environmental science, Nature monitor, Biomass boiler installer, etc., the growing concern for environmental protection will provide new opportunities.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the training? How do you plan to share and use your knowledge?

The most significant aspect of this training course was the understanding of climatic and environmental challenges in various European nations. I also learnt how we should be able to perceive green jobs and green economic issues from many angles, as well as what efforts should be performed in the future to conserve our environment for future generations. I plan to share my newfound knowledge with my family and friends at home so that they are better prepared for what is to come, because change always begins from home.

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