#PJstories – Interview with Jaanika Teder

Jaanika participated in the Training Course “Rights are 4 All” organized by PROJUVEN in Benalmádena, Spain

Hello Jaanika! Can you give us your opinion about the project “Rights are 4 All“? What is the most important thing you have learned during the training course?

The “Rights are 4 All” project was generally well organised. The place we stopped at was comfortable and eating was well organised. The structure of the training was versatile, covering various activities such as group work, role play, discussion, making a short film, forming an opinion and explaining it, preparing presentations, etc. The aim of the training was to focus on different minority groups and during the discussions, all participants were able to express their opinions. Throughout the course, I got confirmation on the importance of awareness. I believe that the majority of people try to refrain from violating other people’s dignity, especially if they are aware of human rights, because they have reflected on it and analysed the need for human rights.

Why is promoting minority human rights so necessary and why must we fight for equality?

Human rights, including the human rights of minorities, are necessary for everyone to live with dignity and to make sure all of our rights are protected. The human rights of some groups, such as minorities, need special attention as discrimination, stereotyping, etc. against them has been going on for years, meaning special efforts are needed to achieve their rights and equality. At the same time, the promotion of human rights of minorities is necessary for all people in order to break down some deep-rooted thought patterns and to learn to know and respect other ways of understanding, beliefs and to encourage tolerant attitudes.

How do you plan to share your new knowledge and awareness acquired in your local community?

As a citizen, I will continue with my former behaviour – I will be responsible, I will respect my own and others’ rights, I will refrain from violating human rights. To share my knowledge, experience and beliefs, I am an active parent in my community and willing to contribute to the human rights field if the kindergarten or school is interested. I work for the Estonian Union for Child Welfare and put together monthly lesson plans for a programme called “Free from bullying!”, through which I spread knowledge about the rights and responsibilities of children and young people. I think that in order to “cure” society, we need to start with the youngest, because they are our future.

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