#PJstories – Interview with Gabriel-Cristian Dumitru

Gabriel-Cristian participated in the Training Course “Rights are 4 All” organized by PROJUVEN in Benalmádena, Spain

Hello Gabriel! Can you give us your opinion about the project “Rights are 4 All“? What is the most important thing you have learned during the training course?

The project in Spain was really unique and of its kind because it was bringing together participants from so many different countries. I appreciated the diversity and the mix of ideas and perspectives that the participants were coming with, and the most important lesson I’ve learned from the project was to never get offended from one person’s opinion, but rather try to understand it first, as different as it might be from mine or from the society I live in. Also, I learned that sometimes, different can be better, and I should be able to see things as well from a radically different point of view, as crazy as it might look at first sight.

Why is promoting minority human rights so necessary and why must we fight for equality?

I am a citizen who is fighting for equal rights in the society. Likewise, rights for the minority in the society are extremely important for the equilibrium and fair community living standards. Promoting these rights of minorities is the only way of making citizens aware of the development of a healthy society, in which both the minority and majority would leave in peace and prosperity, having decent representation at the parliamentary and governmental level so that both can enjoy the same fair treatment in front of the law.

How do you plan to share your new knowledge and awareness acquired in your local community?

My motivation gravitates towards the desire of living in an equal, equitable and fair society. In order to disseminate the knowledge I acquired from the training course in Spain, I want to engage in discussions at the governmental level with all the minority officials and exchange views about this topic and give out from my experience in the training. Additionally, I want to become a better person and a better leader by socializing and creating better ties and connections between the minorities officials and majority officials at the governmental level.

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