#PJstories – Interview with Edgar Bambalyan

Edgar Bambalyan participated in the Training Course “The NEET Challenge” organized by PROJUVEN in Torremolinos, Spain

Hello Edgar! Can you give us your opinion about the project “The NEET Challenge“? What is the most important thing you have learned during the training? 

It was my first time participating in Erasmus + project and I didn’t feel strange or alone, because our trainers welcomed us very well. The topic quickly took our interest as it mainly affects people from our age group.

The trainers introduced us step by step to the issue which young people in NEET experience and later, they have distributed different tasks that we had to solve and work on as a group.

For me as an 18 year old student, it was very interesting to find out that there are young people on my age who neither go to school nor have a job. This topic sensitizes my own consciousness, especially in order not to get into such a situation myself. I think that in order to solve this problem, it should be more spoken in shools, making students and parents aware of this problem, and consequently it could be prevented.


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