#PJstories – Interview with Anna Košková

Anna Košková participated in the Training Course “The NEET Challenge” organized by PROJUVEN in Torremolinos, Spain

Hello Anna! Can you give us your opinion about the project “The NEET Challenge“?

This project gave me so many new information about the NEETs. Before to participate in this project I didn’t know a lot about them. Moreover, I didn’t know how serious this problematic is and what solutions we have. But I’m so glad that I left Spain with new knowledge about this topic. Beside the activities, I have spent a great time with many people from other countries and I explored a lot of new cultures.

According to you, what support works best for young people at risk of becoming NEET?

I think that the best tools to use are social media because young people spend most of their free time there. That’s why I think that if we want to reach them and help them in the best way is through advertisement on social media channels. It doesn’t have to be a job, it can also be an Erasmus project which is way more attractive for young people in NEET situation to start thinking about the opportunities to get trained and later on to get a job.

 What is the most important thing you have learned during the training? 

I have learned so much about the topic, other cultures and also about Spain. I have visited several museums in Malaga in our free afternoon and I have spent my free time with people from other countries, learning more about them and their culture. That’s why now I know a lot about their country and habits.

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