#PJstories – Interview with Antonia

Antonia participated in the Training Course

“Stop Moaning Project – Start with Motivation and Inspiration from Nature” (Austria)

Hello Antonia! Can you give us an overall opinion on the project “Stop Moaning Project – Start with Motivation and Inspiration from Nature”?

I am very glad to have taken part of the Project “Stop Moaning”. Participating in this kind of social projects gives you the opportunity to be part of an international environment. It improves your personal skills and knowledge and surely gives you the opportunity to have fun. Thanks to the organizers from Austria for planning the project and preparing it and also to my sending association Projuven for giving me the opportunity to take part in it. We all successfully finished it. I can tell only positive things about our experiences in Klaffer. Now I ‘m back in Madrid with recovered energy and very beautiful memories.

How did the group affect your personal experience during this Training Course?

I think the fact that we all come from different countries and that we have a different background give us the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences between us. The group was very international with people from Macedonia, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, Turkey and of course, Austria. They were all people with different occupations and very open-minded, they also speak several languages and are very enthusiastic about learning and discovering new things. For sure, having exactly this type of people together makes the project even more interesting. For the entire group the whole experience was very positive and I am sure we will be good friends and we will keep in touch in the future. I hope to see them all again.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the course?

I learned a lot during the entire course. Firstly, I was glad to visit Austria and see the beautiful nature and historical places there. I am very glad that I stayed so much time near the nature in a very small, quiet and comfortable place where I could relax and disconnect from the big city. I have acquired social skills, I have improved my communication skills in different languages, and I have learned how to survive in the nature and forest. I have learned how to work in a group and I participated in many games between our groups provided by the organizers of the project. I have acquired real-life knowledge in a very interesting and funny way. The education seminars are very good opportunities for young people to learn practical things. Surely, I would like to join in more training courses through Projuven.

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