#PJstories – Interview with Clara

Clara participated in the Training Course

“Stop Moaning Project – Start with Motivation and Inspiration from Nature” (Austria)

Hello Clara! Can you give us an overall opinion on the project “Stop Moaning Project – Start with Motivation and Inspiration from Nature”?

For me it has been a great experience that has given me a lot of new knowledge about the importance of enjoying at the same time that you learn about nature and all that it offers us.

How did the group affect your personal experience during this Training Course?

We have had excellent trainers who have made our interest increasing and with some great colleagues with whom we have spent very good times and with whom we have been able to share our knowledge and experiences.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the course?

As I have pointed out before, the most important thing for me has been the way they have made us see and emphasize the importance of human contact with nature, something that is being lost more and more in the new generations. We all need to know that in nature we can find everything we need, and that is something we must preserve and care for.


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