E-learning courses – KA2 V4A

The project Volunteers 4 ALL ( V4A) is long term Strategic partnership project in the field of youth under Erasmus + program and it involves partners from Bulgaria, Spain, Italy and Austria.

V4A aims to foster digital skills of volunteers and youth workers in order to provide support to refugees during their journey to Europe but also to promote social inclusion, tolerance, respect for diversity and non-discrimination and to raise awareness.

In the framework of the project, V4A consortium elaborated e-learning courses that aims to provide youth workers and volunteers new skills and knowledge on use of social media networks for providing a lifeline for refugees on their journeys to Europe.  Youth workers will get a better grasp of the surveillance and empowerment paradox in social media networks in order to identify how best and at which points to help the most vulnerable refugees.

The topics that you can find in the MOODLE platform are:

  • Digital and social skills need for youth workers /volunteers in their work with refugees
  • How NGOs can use digital tools and social media in refugee work?
  • How refugees use social media and digital tools during their journey to Europe?
  • Successful strategies of NGOs for inclusion of refugees in society.


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