Digital Guide – How to prevent radicalization

The present digital guide represents one of the main outcomes of the joint work of the project consortium represented by Danish Youth Team (Denmark), OEJAB-Austrian Young Workers Movement (Austria), PROJUVEN (Spain), Alternativi International (Bulgaria), within the project “Radical Online Education”, that aims to provide youth workers with updated knowledge, tools and examples of good practices in the field of preventing online radicalization.

As the Internet became one of the most preferred and accessible platforms for recruiting and sharing radical ideologies, it is now more crucial than ever to promote counter narratives and equip youngsters with skills and competences in how to use critically the Internet, especially social media platforms. Thus, this guide gathered a useful set of guidelines, methods and case studies to be used by any youth worker interested in online de-radicalization.

The guide is also available in English, Danish, Bulgarian, Spanish and German language. English and all translated version can be found here.

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