E-learning courses – KA2 ROE

The following e-learning modules are elaborated in the framework of KA2 Radical Online Education, Strategic Partnership in the field of youth, supported by Erasmus Plus Programme. The materials presented in the modules are based on the “Needs and Challenges Analysis Report”, which finding results were collected through online questionnaires carried out in four countries, Denmark, Austria, Bulgaria and Spain. The purpose of the survey was to identify appropriate steps to counter radicalization activity online and to ensure appropriate response to the threat. The survey was developed for all youth workers, volunteers, professionals who work in sectors where they come into contact with young people who may be vulnerable to radicalisation.

As a result of engaging with the materials in these modules, youth workers and volunteers are intended to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand key definitions and current trends related to youth radicalization and violent extremism
  • Understand what makes youth vulnerable to radicalization
  • Get to know how to recognize the indicators that radicalization might be taking place and have a clear understanding of their responsibilities
  • Learn how to build online counter-narrative and youth awareness programmes


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