#PJstories – Interview with Rossella Di Ruocco

Rossella participated in the Training Course “Youth Diplomats” organized by PROJUVEN in Torremolinos, Spain Hello Rossella! How did you learn about the project “Youth Diplomats”? Sometimes I participate to the activities of “Active Youth for Europe” (Italy), my sending association . I find it very interesting and I decided to apply and go to Malaga, Spain. Did you have problems to integrate Read more about #PJstories – Interview with Rossella Di Ruocco[…]

#PJstories – Interview with Nazaret

Nazaret participated in the Training Course “YOUth 4 peace” in Bansko, Bulgaria Hello Nazaret! Can you give us an overall opinion on the project  “YOUth 4 peace”? The project in which I took part in Bansko, Bulgaria dealt with conflict resolution through non-violent methods and was one of the most interesting for me. I have learned to Read more about #PJstories – Interview with Nazaret[…]