#PJstories – Interviews from “EUnique project”

We present you the opinions of some of our participants that recently took part in the training course “EUnique project” organized by PROJUVEN in Torremolinos, Spain

We asked our participants:

  • About their opinion for “EUnique project”
  • How is a European identity significant to the future of the European Union?
  • What does it mean for them to be “European”?

Norbert Halász from Hungary

First of all, the “EUnique Project” was delighting. I was not expecting that I would learn so much not only about what and how is the European Union running, but about other countries representatives’ opinion, which was eye-opening for me. I learnt a lot of new stuff, but more importantly, it made me eager to learn more about the EU and spread the awareness of how important it is, to give our opinion and make research on the subjects, which are ultimately affect our lives. I will definitely be on the watch to participate on more projects like this, because I do feel, that its helped me developing my European identity as well.

I do believe, that the European identity is a necessity for the European Union, because without that, there is only a bunch of countries on the same continent. There can be a European Union, but the European citizens keeping it together.

To be “European”, this is what it makes us one single community and makes us feel that we are never really abroad if we are in a different European country.

Jesus Ureña from Spain

In this project took part 14 young people from Spain, Poland, Denmark, Slovakia, Romania, and Hungary, and for 6 days we acquired a greater knowledge about how the European institutions are working, how to fight and report the false news, and what is mean to have a European spirit.

This training course has helped me to expand my knowledge about Europe and thanks to “EUnique project” now I feel more European and I want to fight for a united Europe. My favourite activity was when we created a campaign to vote and when we went out to walk around talking with people and encourage them to vote next May for the European elections. I felt useful being able to share my knowledge with the others and now with this knowledge I can help also other people.

The youth forms the future of EU. They should be aware of what it means. Also, there are a lot of immigrations to Europe, and those people will have “European identity” soon, too. With increasing the awareness of being European and developing the spirit of feeling more European, the inclusion will be easier for both sides and there will be a more peaceful environment in Europe.

Madalina Belu from Romania

For me, EUnique training course had great topics and structure! I enjoyed a lot the debates, the discussions about the hypothetical scenario of Juan and Rocio. I discovered new things about the EU and now I’m more aware about how this community impacts my daily life. Thank you, Francesco for being such a great trainer, thanks for sharing with use useful information about political & populist parties and fake news. Now I pay more attention at the sources of an information/article and I’m really thankful to EU for the nutritional labels on each food product (because it’s my pleasure to learn about nutrition and I want to choose the best & nutritive products, with the lowest calories) 🙂

I think that the European identity is the core of the European Union. We need to feel & to understand the meaning and the importance of being Europeans.

For me, being European means to have the opportunity to develop the skills in foreign languages, to broaden your mind, to discover & to accept particularities of new cultures. Open market, open borders, plenty options, high standards of living, including services, Health – so that all people should know where each country should be heading to.  That’s what “European” means for me.

Pavol Ďurak from Slovakia

The EU nowadays is facing a lot of problems. During the project we have discussed about them and used interesting methods for learning (the best one was energizer). The project was very useful and bring me amazing happiness. I appreciate participants on the project, very inspirative people. Thanks to all of them.

European identity is a part of The European project for integration. It doesn’t mean that the EU want to create supranational political union. The main idea is to support national states for bigger cooperation. I am a Slovak but also citizen of the European Union.

What does it mean for you to be “European”? – I am a European citizen. That means that I am part of the European Union. It’s a place where I born, live and study. Being in Europe we create one big family. Europe is membership of European culture and history. It’s important to take care of good Europe, because we should stay together.

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