PROJUVEN implemented the training course “EUnique project”

From 7th to 13th of November, Asociación PROJUVEN implemented the training course “EUnique project” gathering in Torremolinos, Málaga area, 14 participants coming from Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Slovakia, Romania and Spain.  The main aim of “EUnique project” was to equip youth workers with competences and methods needed for transferring the common fundamental values of our society in their local context, particularly to the hard to reach young people.

The first morning session of our mobility started with non-formal activities where participants had the chance to get to know each other better. They shared with the team their expectations, hopes and fears, as well opinion about the topic of our project and their motivation to be part of it. In the afternoon, youth workers were introduced to the main aim of “EUnique project” and also to European Identity – values, sense of belonging, right and duties. In the next days, we talked about the perception of the European Identity and populism and extremism as threat to Europe Identity. Divided in groups, participants had the task to make a small research on the populist parties in Europe and see more about their work and how it affects the European Union. Another interesting activity was the session “How does the EU impact your daily life?” where they have to think about what they do during a regular day and how it`s affect by the EU. All participants were positively surprised how much actually EU impact our life. In addition, “Oxford Debate” was another activity where youngsters were divided in two teams and had to debate on Seasonal clock change in EU, important and current issue.

Next days were dedicated to the danger of fake news and the manipulation of our information networks. We talked about how to spot when news is fake and participants shared experience about different fake news that they read in the media and the followers this fake news had. In addition, one of our activity was focused on finding fake news in the web, as well as reporting them.

Our last day was dedicated on the importance of active participation in democratic life with a focus on European parliament elections 2019. Together with our participants we joined the campaign #ThisTimeImVoting. The main aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of the importance to vote to the next EU parliament elections. The EUElections2019 are coming up next May and 360 million citizens have the right to vote. With our outdoor activity in the center of Torremolinos, we aimed to let people know about the upcoming EU elections and encourage them to go and vote, because they are the only ones that can decide their future. Our training event finished with explanation of Youthpass which was released to all participants, and final evaluation of the week.

The “EUnique project” is implemented by 6 organisations and financed by the European Commission through Erasmus+ programme.

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