Blended mobility in Italy, part of the KA2 EECT

From 29th November until 7th December 2017, representatives of Asociación Projuven took part in the blended mobility, part of the KA2 Strategic Partnership “Entrepreneurship Education for Cultural Tourism”. The mobility took place in Terranova da Sibari, Italy and the participants were hosted by the Italian project partner, Futuro Digitale.

During the week the youngsters had a chance to get a lot of useful knowledge about entrepreneurship and discuss topics such as: What is tourism entrepreneurship, Why entrepreneurial innovations are important for the development of cultural tourism, What is tourism product and motivation. The mobility included sessions dedicated to the presentation of cultural tourism in every partner country (Spain, Italy, Denmark, Romania) and discussions between all the participant about their opinion, ideas and suggestions what should be improve or change in their country. All the youngsters were previous aware of the contents of the e-learning courses (Output 2) of the project and this allow us to discuss different points and topics which are developed in the modules. Thanks of the previous engagement of all the participants we had a very structure and fruitful sessions which helped us to talk much more about the theme and gave youngsters possibilities to leave their comments and opinion about Entrepreneurship Education regarding Cultural Tourism.

A lot of interesting visit let participants know more about the culture of South Italy and meet successful entrepreneurs who share with all of them their stories. The youngsters had a chance to visit the he Diocesan museum of sacred art of Rossano where they found the famous Codex Purpureus Rossanensis. The Codex is one of the oldest gospels in the world, made more precious by its superb illuminations, masterpieces of Byzantine art and evangelical literature. During two of our afternoon sessions we met successful wine and honey entrepreneurs from South Italy who explained us how their business has started and which were the steps who let them achieve success. We believe that Youth entrepreneurship is a strategy for empowerment so all of this amazing examples benefit and motivate EECT`s youngsters. In addition, we also had the chance to meet another entrepreneur who devotes itself with success to the production of olive oils. Thanks of the guided tour we visited his olive-oil mill, and learn more about his successful business.

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