Asociación PROJUVEN is a partner of a new KA2 Project in Bulgaria

On March 3th 2017, KA2 Project “Innovative approaches and non-formal methods to promote creative potential and entrepreneurial skills among young people” (IMCEskills) will start.

The kick-off meeting will be held in Sofia (Bulgaria), where Academy future for business development will welcome two other associations: Asociación Projuven from Spain and Futuro Digitale from Italy.

The duration of the project is 24 months and the main objective is to stimulate the young people to develop innovative thinking, find new employment opportunities and convert their own ideas into value – in other words to be entrepreneurial.

The project will be implemented in two main stages – preparatory and practical.  During the first stage the youngsters-participants will conduct labour market research in their regions, will meet representatives of different local companies and will get to know how to process research data. The activities we plan to conduct and organize follow the pattern of understanding entrepreneurship bringing together theoretical input and experiential learning. During the second project stage the youngsters from each partnering country will develop just one business idea. They will set up one “Creative agency” with particular activities which will include all business departments, necessary for the functioning of a company.

Our aim is to establish connections with employers – employees – clients. All the experts and the project teams will provide guidance and support to the youngsters’ teams raising the level of their competences and self-confidence.


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