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European Opportunities

Our main goal is to promote the EU “Erasmus+” Programme in Spain, in order to encourage European mobility and European Awareness. We support the “European Profile” encouraging young professionals to learn other languages, discover new cultures and make new international friends through our initiatives

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We are an intermediary organization among European Universities and Companies. Thanks to our stable and detailed network, we are able to connect national and international partners and we are always ready to welcome and assist new participants, ensuring high quality training

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Local Events

We make available our resources in Malaga, one of the South-Euorpe “Capital Cities”. We organize local events to promote European Values and Citizenship, Gender Equality, Social Inclusion and Youth Competence Development

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Other Services

Projuven aims at developing a new concept of Modern Social NGO, in order to achieve this goal we are focused on research and study of new technologies and tools. Research is one of the axes of our organization. We engage in research dealing with a wide variety of Europe-related topics

About Us

Asociación PROJUVEN is a Spanish nonprofit organization born in 2015. Our name stands for Proyecto Juvenil (Youth Project). For our professional team, being part of our project, means being social entrepreneurs and keeping the passion for social purposes
Our Mission

We work on Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020, we promote the Erasmus+ programme and provide educational training at local and European level. Our main goal is to enrich the educational, social and cultural life of young people living in our country and in Europe. We believe that young people must become a driving force in building a European society and we aim at shaping a generation that is determined to change our world for the better


Our team is composed by a variety of different professional profiles with academic and work experience in different fields


Technical writer and project manager in EU programmes. Skilled economist and researcher, Francesco has a PhD degree at the Department of Business Research at University of Pavia with a Master in International Management at University of Trento with several publications in international journals

DR. PROF. Damián Dellaqueva

Research Team Responsible
He is Professor of Law at University of Rosario in Argentina. He is a lawyer and International advisor in the field of innovation and business development. He speaks fluently Italian , Portuguese, Spanish and English language.

Debora Dimova

Consultancy Specialist for Eastern Europe
Highly skilled economist and researcher involved in the NGO sector. She is fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, Italian and native in Bulgarian and holds extensive experience in USA, Spain and Italy. Her interests are on immigration, youth entrepreneurship and local development

Dr. Hatthachan Phimphanthavong

Consultancy Specialist for South-East Asia
bachelor degree in economics and a bachelor of arts (majoring in letter) at National University of Laos. MA in marketing at NOSPA, the Lao-French Cooperation project in Laos. MA in economics at IUJ in Japan. PhD in Local Development and Global Dynamics at the Graduate School of Social Science, University of Trento

Dr. Belal Albashiti

Consultancy specialist for Middle-East
Academic lecturer in the faculty of economics and administrative science at Al-azher University, Gaza. Business consultancy specialist with a broad range of management skills and a strong international experience. PhD degree at the Department of Business Research at University of Pavia

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