Training Course – Online Activism – Bansko, Bulgaria

When: 18th – 24th of September, 2018

Where: Bansko, Bulgaria

Application deadline: 27th of August, 2018


The training “Online activism” is part of the long-term project “TURN ONline: digital transformation of youth organizations, promoting peace and Human Rights”, that is financed by Spanish National Agency under the Key Action 2 of ERASMUS PLUS .  More information about the project you can get here .

The main aim of the training “Online activism” is to reflect on the online actions of youth organizations in order to improve the forms of online activism in the youth work context. It is evidently that being active only in the offline reality it is not enough for being effective with the actions. Youth NGO promoting peace and Human Rights need to strengthen their presence in online world through strategic usage of social networks and taking actions online:
organizing communicational and crowdfunding campaigns, creating petitions and other forms of online activism.

The main topics that will be discussed during the activity are:
– history of online activism
– elements and types of online activism
-“clicktivism” and “To save the world click here” culture
– good examples of online activism.

Travel expenses will be reimbursed up to € 360 (airplanes, trains and buses; NOTE: Taxis are not included). Food and accommodation will be provided free of charge.

We are looking for 1 spanish participant or residing in Spain , who is over than 18 years old and have a good english skills.  

At the end of the project all participants will receive a certificate of participation “Youthpass”.

If you are interested contact us

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