NEW Youth Exchanges in Marrakesh, Morocco

When: 9th to 17th October, 2018  When: 17th to 25th October, 2018 Application deadline: 10 of August, 2018     The first YE “The revolution will be blogged” aims to empower the pаrticipаnts’ to develop practical knowledge аnd creative digital skills in using social media. The project involve participants from Sweden, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, Romania and Ukraine. Read more about NEW Youth Exchanges in Marrakesh, Morocco[…]

#PJstories – Interview with Lucia Salgado

Lucia participated in the Youth Exchange “Not in our name” in Marrakesh, Morocco Hello Lucia! ¿Can you give us an overall opinion on the project “Not in our name”? The project “Not in our name” was an unrepeatable experience. The project consisted in discussing issues of radicalization, extremism and peacebuilding with young people of six nationalities: France, Romania, Read more about #PJstories – Interview with Lucia Salgado[…]