Comparison State of Art of youth workers and NEETs report

Recently, in the framework of KA2 “SustaiNEET” project, Strategic Partnership in the field of youth, we published the Comparison State of Art of youth workers and NEETs report. 

The report was built using data collection through online questionnaires carried out in the four project partner countries – Estonia, Bulgaria, Spain and Italy. The purpose of the questionnaire was to identify the current situation that youth workers face in their everyday practice while working with NEETs group. The questionnaire was developed for all youth workers, volunteers, trainers and professionals who work in sectors where they come into contact with young people belonging to NEETs.

The report presents the findings of the research phase of the KA2 project “SustaiNEET”, which main objective is to increase participation of NEETs into the labour market and in education through upskilling youth workers in effective engagement methodologies. Specifically, SustaiNEET aims to give the possibility to youth workers for better and more targeted provision of services through the use of tools which will be implemented under the project.

SustaiNEET is funded by the Spanish National Agency through the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. The project is led by Asociación PROJUVEN (Spain) and the other partner NGOs are Futuro Digitale (Italy), Rääma Noorte Ühing Noorus (Estonia) and Alternativi International (Bulgaria).

The report can be found here.


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