#PINOR da la bienvenida a Youth Mobility Denmark


The organisation was founded in september 2015. we want give youngsters and adults the
opportunity to experience intercultural exchange, be more open minded and have a good self
development. We would like to promote on different levels european citizenship and no hate
speech, to have more tolerance and see other cultures as an enrichment. Europe starts in your
mind, so we have following goals.
– Intercultural Exchange as a chance for more tolerance, accepting Differences and be more
open minded
– participation in training courses and youth exchanges with different topics
– promoting no hate speech and antidiskrimination
– developing language skills
– promoting active citizenship
– increasing personal and professional development
– working with minorities of every type
The organization is active on a local, national as well as international level.
We participating on local events , national events and international activities.We cover broad
scale of topics (e.g. youth participation, intercultural dialogue, active citizenship, entrepreneurship,
sport, healthy lifestyle, peacebuilding, but also art and culture). All our projects and
activities are based on the approaches of non-formal education, experiential and intercultural
learning, social inclusion and active participation.
Future Projects will be accreditation as a sending and coordinating organization for evs.

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