July 3, 2016

Traineeships & VET

PROJUVEN is an intermediary organization among secondary schools, European universities and companies. Thanks to our stable and detailed network, we are able to connect national and international partners and we are always ready to welcome and assist young people looking for a work placement, ensuring high quality training and work experience. We welcome and assist participants ensuring training in different field:

  • European Projects and European Citizenship
  • New Technologies
  • Social Media Management
  • Youth Development
  • Tourism
  • Social Skills
  • Green competences
  • Languages Learning

We offer a complete “Welcome Program” to ensure the best traineeship experience to participants:

  • Individual Profile Analysis
  • Professional Assessment and Formation
  • Language Courses
  • Support with Accommodation
  • Support with Transports
  • Local Integration Program
  • European Certifications
  • Final Evaluation Report
  • Complete Management of the Bureaucratic Process

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