Training Course – “Counter Hate”- Latvia

When: 1st June – 7th  June, 2019

Where: Saulkrasti, Latvia

Application deadline: 7th of May, 2019


This training course is part of the KA2 Capacity Building project “Counter Hate” (CH). CH is a 16 months Strategic Partnership of non-profit organizations that focuses on promoting high-quality youth work aiming to provide youth workers all the necessary knowledge and tools on online hate speech against migrants and refugees, and improve the preventative capabilities of youth workers by producing tailored responses, counter-narratives, and awareness raising campaigns.

The project involves 4 countries: Latvia, Spain, Bulgaria, Austria

Travel expenses will be reimbursed up to € 360 (airplanes, trains and buses; NOTE: Taxis are not included). Food and accommodation will be provided free of charge.

We are looking for 4 Spanish participants or residing in Spain, who are between 18 and 35 years old.

At the end of the project all participants will receive a certificate of participation “Youthpass”.

If you are interested contact us

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