#PJstories – Interview with Vladimíra and Matej

Vladimíra and Matej participated in the Training Course “Prepared Not Scared” organized by PROJUVEN in Benalmádena, Spain

Hello! Can you give us your opinion about the project “Prepared Not Scared“ and Erasmus + experience?

For some of us it was the first experience with Erasmus +, actually with Erasmus in general. We went to Spain excited about the theme of the project. It is a very common topic for all of us who are part of the European Union. Recently, we have witnessed many disasters and it is helpful to learn something and be prepared in case of emergency. We are so glad, that we could meet many open-minded people from different corners of Europe, because that is one of the most beneficial things of the project, meeting new people, getting to know their culture and also practice a foreign language. It was such an experience and we hope to visit more in the future thanks to this project.

How has your perspective changed about disaster preparedness as a result of participating in this training course? What were the most valuable takeaways from the course for you personally?

Probably, until the covid pandemic, we often did not think about how to prepare for these issues. In Czech Republic, we mainly deal with natural disasters such as floods or wildfires and it is not customary to prepare for these situations in school. And what do we take away? We should focus more on countering this and it is especially important for young people, because of their vulnerability. We ourselves can help it the most as teachers. So the main change in the perspective is the need for more education and awareness of disasters, so that the next generation can better deal with something like this. And as a result, it does not matter what can happen in our country, but in the whole world in general.

According to you, what are some effective methods to educate young people about disaster preparedness?

The most effective is to experience something, for example, to volunteer if there is a disaster. In Czech Republic we are used to preparing for floods, when the inhabitants of the potentionally affected area usually gather and prepare for it. It is not a method per se, but it is certainly the most useful. Also some workshops, for example within the city or village, will also be very helpful. Do some group projects at school and also role – playing is very effective in our opinion. And remember, to educate is the key.

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