#PJstories – Interview with Udbhav Singhal

Udbhav (Yudi) participated in the Training Course “Prepared Not Scared” organized by PROJUVEN in Benalmádena, Spain

Hello Yudi! Can you give us your opinion about the project “Prepared Not Scared“ and Erasmus + experience?

The overall experience during the training course” Prepared not scared” was remarkable. We learned a ton of new skills which further help in how to combat Hazard, Emergency, Disaster and focus on addressing the specific needs and vulnerabilities of young people. Also perform hands-on activities, discuss case studies related to disasters that affected our society in the past and dialog and discuss the situation in our local area and how much we actually prepare for such disaster in case anything bad happens. Later, we explored Malaga city, got to know other participants from different countries and discussed the Erasmus+ opportunities in each individual region and how to connect more youth to them.

How has your perspective changed about disaster preparedness as a result of participating in this training course? What were the most valuable takeaways from the course for you personally?

Through the training course, I learned a lot of new skills which not only help me in disaster preparedness but also focus on the society and the youth as I mentioned above. There are many things which I learned where to hide in terms of an earthquake (as we already saw what happened in Turkey) and also help other people in rescue, how to save people life during flood or while in the water (which was demonstrated in the swimming pool), make an emergency contact list of people with other details which helpful in further support in terms of any disaster and also aware of the things (firehose, emergency exit sign, fire extinguisher, smoke alarms, emergency helpline number) through video creation while living/visit the hotel and hospital. Overall, I say I am prepared and not scared for any kind of disaster and help others in rescue rather than running from it.

According to you, what are some effective methods to educate young people about disaster preparedness?

  • Efficient way to teach young people about disaster preparedness is focusing on the hands-on demonstration rather than relying on the theoretical part. Results can be done with the help of presentations, conducting workshops, and educational materials.  
  • Helping/ suggesting the government to make new policies which further help to collaborate with schools and youth organizations to incorporate disaster preparedness into their coursework and various activities. 
  • With the help of different social media platforms, we can run ads related to disaster awareness campaigns (what to do and what not do), further interactive videos and podcasts also play an important role.

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