#PJstories – Interview with Jakub Kurek

Jakub participated in the Training Course “Good Jobs Green Jobs” organized by PROJUVEN in Benalmádena, Spain

Hello Jakub! Can you give us your opinion about the project “Good Jobs Green Jobs“?

The training course „Good Jobs, Green Jobs“ was a life-changing experience for me. I had the great opportunity to not only learn more about the green economy and enviromentally harmless jobs, but also about the cultures and nations of other participants.

I´ve learned more about Ramadan, found out that the one and only true Pizza originally comes from Napoli, learned that Bulgarian people have traditional dance and an amazing nature. For the first time I´ve tasted true german beer or strong latvian alcohol and I discovered some new Belgian and Italian music. I also had the opportunity to try traditional Spanish food, such as paella or churros etc. I totally fell in love with Spain and Costa del Sol.

I also had the opportunity to represent my country – Slovakia, together with the Slovakian team. The whole international group was amazing and almost immediately from the start we created a strong bond and for the whole duration of the prject I felt like we´re one big family. We shared many good laughs, we had respect for each other and it felt like being home. Everytime before we started a session, we were having little warm-ups such as games or little energizes. That was the perfect addition to already brilliant project. At this training I´ve also learned a lot about myself and I´ve re-discovered many of my natural social skills after a long „pandemic sleep“.

When it comes to the topic of the project, together we managed to come up with many interesting ideas how we can implement Green economy into our everyday lives. We were discussing a lot of possibilities on how to do it. Thanks to the ideas we had and the discussions we led, we could see that it´s not so easy to implement the changes throughout the whole continent, or even the world. But we all understood that it´s neccessary.

My special thanks goes to creators and organizers of the project Francesco and Debora, and also to our amazing trainer – Giorgia Nardi. They all created a perfect atmosphere and helped us to get to know each other better throughout various entertaining activities. I felt like a fish in the water among all these amazing people.

Why is promoting the green economy so crucial? How can the green and just transition benefit the job career of young people?

Because the harsh truth is that we really don´t have much time. We can already see the changes that are brought by global warming and climate change. The only possibility we have is to change our way of living, to change ourselves, to change the laws, to vote for Green parties and Green politicians, that care about the enviroment more than about their profits. This is not only about saving a humankind or earth. The most important lesson we need to learn from this is that every single person on the planet can have a big impact on the events of the world. Being the change doesn´t require to have a lot of money or to be popular. We can choose what kind of jobs we wanna do, especially us, young people. We can choose to have an impact on the environment we live in. In our cities, towns, villages, countries etc.

I´m sure that if each of us discovers his/her true nature and his/her natural skills and talents, we will be able to use that in a green way. We will be able to choose our own new way of thinking instead of the old way. And that changes everything. Once we make a change, then the laws change, the job market changes etc. And the best thing about this is, that it´s actually already happening. For example Home office Jobs bring the people stress relief from the work environment and they also don´t burn the fuels in the cars. It has a positive impact on the earth and also on the people. Most of us don´t want to work in dark office rooms or huge factories in noisy and stressful work environment. The work bosses are turning into a leaders, because we refuse to work under the senseless pressure. Young generation chooses to work with creativity, purpose and equality on the working field , there is no space for stress or superiority. That means, we´re already changing our work habits and working fields. That leads us to change our behaviour and that impacts also our attitude to nature and to our future.

 What is the most important thing you have learned during the training? How do you plan to share and use your knowledge?

The most important thing I learned is that I want to work with people. I´ve also seen a huge inspiration in project organizers Francesco and Debora and trainer Giorgia and I think I’d like to try it out. To be in that leading position. All three of them inspired me to become a leader, that is in the middle of the project creating a friendly environment and sharing ideas together with the team. Leader, that is an example.

On this training course I´ve also realized my strenghts and weaknesses when it comes to talking and that I consider very important for my future podcasting plans. Last, but not least, I found out that I can understand some of the Italian language, which was very surprising for me. I suppose I can use that in my future professional life as a podcaster or meaby even creator of projects. In the end, I want to express gratitude to all of the participants on the training course „Good Jobs Green Jobs”. You are amazing people and it was a blessing to meet all of you and learn from your stories and opinions.

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