#PJstories – Interview with Bruno Perri 

Bruno participated in the Training Course “Prepared Not Scared” organized by PROJUVEN in Benalmádena, Spain

Hello Bruno! Can you give us your opinion about the project “Prepared Not Scared“ and Erasmus + experience?

The Erasmus+ experience is a moment of personal growth and comparison with people of other nationalities. Being able to interact with young people who have other cultures is an enrichment on a personal level without any doubt, learning new things about other nations. The “Prepared Not Scared” project is very important, especially in this historical period in which environmental disasters are unfortunately on the everyday note and our attention can make the difference.

How has your perspective changed about disaster preparedness as a result of participating in this training course? What were the most valuable takeaways from the course for you personally?

Personally, from this experience I learned many notions about the behavior of other nations on the subject and the differences there are with Italy. Furthermore, awareness has grown that each of us, in our own small way, can contribute to fight environmental disasters. Also after attending this course, I’ve learned that our daily actions can influence these disasters, so I put much more attention and try to share my new knowledge and information with others.

According to you, what are some effective methods to educate young people about disaster preparedness?

To educate young people on this subject, the school is essential of course. In fact, it could introduce weekly hours dedicated to making young people aware of this topic to educate them in the behaviors to have to help against catastrophes and environmental disasters. Through games, which make them understand the relative maneuvers and steps in the moment of a disaster. Meetings with experts, who with their testimonies can have a direct impact on young people. Finally the state and the society in which we live have an important role for making the preparation more efficient. 

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