#PJstories – Interview with Ariana Cartoafa and Raluca Gligan

Ariana and Raluca participated in the Training Course “Rights are 4 All” organized by PROJUVEN in Benalmádena, Spain

Hello! Can you give us your opinion about the project “Rights are 4 All“? What is the most important thing you have learned during the training course?

This experience had a very big impact on our lives. Being our first Erasmus Plus project, made us very excited and also anxious at first, because we didn’t know how we were going to get along with the other countries. The most important thing we learned is working in a team. We found out ways to accept all the colleagues’ perspectives and ideas, so at the end will be pleasing to everyone and also be very interesting for the people we present a project to.

Why is promoting minority human rights so necessary and why must we fight for equality?

It is important to promote minority human rights because it is essencial to respect each other. If we want to live in a better world, the changes come from us. We must fight for equality because we are all people, and we come from different parts of the world. Respecting each other’s ethnicy and culture, is the main engine for this society to work properly together.

How do you plan to share your new knowledge and awareness acquired in your local community?

We want to promote our knowledge throughout our friends and colleagues circles. When we notice that someone is being unreasonable or being mean to someone that does not want to harm anyone, we can try and make them understand (with the use of our knowledge) that we are different and we must accept each other the way we are. We are thinking to make a workshop where we can make up teambuilding activities, so we can highlight the use of equality and how important is to help each other. 

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