#PINOR welcomes SORGED

Sorgun Youth Group is a youth group which 4 youngsters came together and established 2 years ago. We became a great team by growing on the road which we started with great enthusiasm.

sorged_logoWe did many acitivities under the name Sorgun Youth Group for two years. We became a team not only popular in Sorgun but in Turkey. We decided to continue with our activities under SORGED in order to involve more youngster in our network and to advance in this path with them.

SORGED has adopted team-work, cooperation, synergy, share of information and experience about the topics related to our activity area since it started doing something for the youth and came together for this reason. Our organization carried out all its activities with the philosophy ‘As long as you value the living space of the youth and you do something; you also value your own life’.

Our mission is to enable the youth to become sensitive to environment issues, to raise awareness, to enable them to take active role in social life, to keep their motivation of life high, to keep alive the joy of life, to enable them to feel that they are the values of the society and raise the awareness of this among the young by doing activities through sports and outdoor activities for for the young and their living space within the scope of European awareness with youngsters with limited opportunities.

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