Online dissemination event – Romania – OEOC

After the enriching experience at the “One Earth, One Chance” training course in Spain, Catalina from Romania was eager to share her newfound knowledge and insights with her local community. Recognizing the power of digital platforms, especially in these times, she organized an online session to reach out to the youth of Romania. 

The virtual event saw Catalina recounting her experiences, the lessons she learned, and the global perspectives she gained on climate change. Using a mix of slides, videos, and interactive Q&A sessions, she painted a vivid picture of her time in Benalmádena, emphasizing the importance of youth involvement in global issues. 

Catalina’s passion was evident as she spoke about the “Time Capsule” activity, the interactions with diverse participants, and the hands-on experiences in the local community of Benalmádena. 

She also shared practical tips on how young individuals can make a difference in their own communities, drawing from the sustainable practices she observed during the training. 

In addition, the session was not just a recount of her journey but also a call to action. Catalina encouraged the attendees to be proactive, to seek opportunities like the Erasmus+ program, and to be the change-makers in their own right.

Feedback from the session was overwhelmingly positive, with many young attendees expressing their interest in similar programs and their desire to contribute to a sustainable future. Catalina’s initiative stands as a testament to the ripple effect that such training courses can have, inspiring individuals to inspire others in turn.

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