KA2 SustaiNEET was officially started

KA2 SustaiNEET was officially started with a kick off meeting in Torremolinos, Spain. The project is coordinated by Asociación PROJUVEN and other partner NGOs are Alternativi International (Bulgaria), Nooruse Maja (Estonia) and Futuro Digitale (Italy).

The main target group of SustaiNEET are youth workers dealing with NEETs, who wish to enhance their competences, qualifications and approaches in order to be able to be more competitive professionals and aim to provide the NEETs with better assistance and support them to become more employable or continue their education so as to attain their career goals. Project results will be achieved through a careful project planning and defined project methodology. In fact, the project will be managed in a collaborative way, based on collective intelligence and regular communication. The following methodology will be applied: Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA). The project has been designed over 20 months to happen in 3 major consecutive phases.

The project will have the following main activities:

-Comparison State of Art of youth workers and NEETs report.
-One Intellectual Output (e-learning modules).
-Two International meetings.
-One Training event.
-Local workshops and dissemination activities.

The project will have direct, positive effects on the different participants as they will acquire more specialized knowledge on the issue of vulnerable young people in NEET situations and be able to create new initiatives which foster NEETs active involvement in society and integration into the labour market as well as through the peer-learning among youth workers there will be concrete opportunities of intercultural contact as well as upskilling professional competences, adding comparative assessment and rating of the results, the perception of a professional growth and greater social recognition of educational mission by stakeholders.

For more updates about the project, please follow KA2 SustaiNEET website.

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