KA1 “Turning waste into worth” organized by PROJUVEN in Torremolinos, Spain

From 16th until 22 of October, Asociación PROJUVEN had the pleasure to host in Torremolinos, Spain, the training course “Turning waste into worth” (#TWIW). The project gathered together participants coming from Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Romania, Slovakia and Spain, with the main aim of equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed for the development of innovative programs in circular economy and being able to engage youth communities to re-think the economic system they are experiencing every day, and act upon it.

The first day of TWIW project was dedicated to non-formal games where participants could get to know each other better as well as to understand the importance of our project topic and its programme.

During the week youth workers had different workshops where they could learn about The history of plastic, What are the advantages or disadvantages of using plastics in our daily lives?, Where does our plastic go?, etc. We touched topics such as Pacific Trash Vortex and the negative impact of plastic on human beings and wildlife.

Moreover, after youth workers learnt more about The circular economy butterfly diagram, in groups they had the tasks to find an examples of businesses that are “going circular” as well as indicate which part of the butterfly diagram they belong to. One of our games, were dedicated to the trash each of us produce daily. Again in groups youngsters had to represent through images or graph the trash generated by each member of the group in the daily routine.  The aim of this activity was to understand the impact of waste we have on the environment and what we can do in order to reduce it.

Youth workers dedicated some sessions on creating ideas for waste projects activities at local level as well as created their own environmental awareness campaigns that later they test in Torremolinos city. More about the campaigns you can find following the link.

TWIW project finished with final evaluation of the week, release of the youthpass to all participants as well as presentation of EU initiatives and programmes related to the project topic.

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