KA1 “Stay safe in cyber space” organized by PROJUVEN in Torremolinos, Spain

From 12 until 19 of June, 2021, Asosicación PROJUVEN had the pleasure to host in Torremolinos, Spain, the KA1 training course “Stay safe in cyber space” (SSCS). The project involved youth workers coming from 6 different countries – Estonia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania and Spain, with the main aim of providing participants with new knowledge and competences on cyberbullying.

The first day of SSCS project was dedicated to non-formal games where participants could get to know each other better as well as to understand the importance of our project topic and its programme. The good weather let participants enjoyed also an outdoor session on the beach of Torremolinos where apart of the different team building games they had the chance to play, in national groups participants presented the cyberbullying laws in their own countries and the main challenges that youth experienced when staying in the online environment.

During the training week, youth workers had the opportunity to think about their personal digital footprint they leave when surfing in the online environment and the different forms of cyberbulling youth can experience. They discussed the consequences of cyberbulling on young people as well as the possible solutions for preventing and countering cyberbullying

Moreover, in international groups participants created “Do and Don’t list” that each person should follow when surfing in the online space, sharing their different point of views and personal experience.  Another interesting activity that they had was a role play game where youth workers had the task to create several scenes of cyberbulling and the possible solutions of ending such events.

The specific objectives of the training activities were to reflect youth workers’ role in relation to cyberbullying which affect an increase number of young people, to improve youth workers’ knowledge of cyberbullying and how to prevent and address it; to encourage social media literacy and knowledge among youth workers to combat cyberbullying; All of these was made possible thanks to the many facilitated discussions, creative presentations, simulation, case studies and debates.

During the last day of the project, youth workers also organized their own local raise awareness campaign. On papers, they created different messages dedicated on cyberbullying and an emerging threat to the “Always On” generation. Later on, split in groups and with their slogans, participants went to the city center of Torremolinos where they interacted with local people, sharing more about our project topics and the opportunity which Erasmus Plus programme bring to young people.

In addition, during the training week, participants organized their intercultural night where each national group, presented their food, traditions and dances.

The training course finished with the release of the Youthpass certificates to all participants, presentation of Erasmus Plus opportunities and final evaluation of the training week. This training course was organized thanks to the support of our Spanish National Agency INJUVE through Erasmus Plus programme of the European Union.

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