KA1 “Prepared Not Scared” organized by PROJUVEN in Benalmádena, Spain

From May 16th to 23rd, Asociación PROJUVEN hosted the project “Prepared Not Scared” in Benalmádena, Spain. This was a KA1 Training Course under the Erasmus+ program, aimed at equipping youth workers with the tools and knowledge they need to lead effective youth preparedness programs for disasters.

This project saw the gathering of 28 passionate youth workers from seven distinct nations: Czech Republic, Estonia, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Spain. 

The first day was marked by a series of engaging games and activities, fostering a spirit of unity among the participants. This day also set the stage for the learning journey, introducing pivotal concepts related to youth disaster preparedness, including hazards, emergencies, and strategies to mitigate risks.

On the second day participants got to know more about the project’s core objective: devising robust youth preparedness programs for disasters. The day was replete with discussions on the Disaster Management Cycle, covering its integral phases from prevention to reconstruction. A highlight was the exploration of the Paris Agreement, its global ratifications, and the EU’s stance on climate change.

The subsequent days were characterized by hands-on activities. One such task required participants to scout the hotel’s safety measures, emphasizing the significance of awareness and familiarity with immediate surroundings. This was a testament to the project’s ethos of translating knowledge into tangible action. Furthermore, participants were equipped with the skills to respond adeptly in emergencies, underscoring the adage that knowledge indeed is power when it pertains to safety.

A notable feature was a video crafted by the participants, offering viewers a practical demonstration of appropriate responses during emergencies. This visual guide was not only informative but also showcased the participants’ commitment to the cause.

During the training week an intercultural night was organized where participants showcased their native traditions and dances. This cultural exchange was a heartwarming reminder of the unity in diversity, drawing everyone closer in spirit and purpose.

The project week finished with the distribution of Youthpass certificates, a token of the participants’ dedication and newfound expertise. We believe that each person felt more prepared to make a difference in their own communities as they left with a tangible sense of success. 

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