KA1 “One Earth, One Chance” organized by PROJUVEN in Benalmádena, Spain

Between April 20th and 27th, 2023, Asociación PROJUVEN had the pleasure to host the training course “One Earth, One Chance”, a project financed under the Erasmus+ program. This initiative saw the participation of 28 youth workers from seven countries: Denmark, Belgium, Romania, Italy, Bulgaria, Poland, and Spain.

The primary objective of this training course was to address the pressing issue of climate change and its implications for present and future generations. Throughout the training days, the youth workers explored the intricacies of climate change. They got to know more about its causes and effects, understanding the significant role human activities play in its acceleration. The discussions also revolved around the importance of climate change mitigation and adaptation to prevent its adverse impacts on human life and the planet.

One of the most memorable activities during the training was the “Time Capsule” event on the beach. Participants wrote down their aspirations for a better world and sealed them in a time capsule, set to be opened in a year. This activity was not just symbolic but also a powerful reminder to think long-term and work towards a sustainable future.

The training wasn’t confined to indoor sessions. Participants ventured out into Benalmádena’s local community, interacting with business owners and learning about their sustainable practices. This hands-on experience emphasized the importance of supporting eco-friendly businesses and making environmentally conscious choices.

One of the highlights of the training course was the Intercultural Night. Participants from the seven countries showcased their cultures, traditions, dances, and more. It was a vibrant evening that fostered understanding and unity among the diverse group.

The final day of the training was packed with insightful discussions on carbon markets, emissions trading, and the outcomes of COP24 and COP25. As the event drew to a close, participants were awarded the Youthpass certificate, marking their successful completion of the training course.

The “One Earth, One Chance” training course was more than just an educational program. It was a call to action, urging youth workers to become change-makers in their communities. As the world grapples with the challenges of climate change, initiatives like these play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable future.

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