DPCT MOOC courses are now available for all!

The DPCT team cordially invites you to subscribe to our online platform and participate in our MOOC courses, available also in Spanish. These courses aim to promote vital digital skills and competencies, as well as transverse competencies and social inclusion among young people involved in the Culture and Creative Sectors (CCS). Upon completing the MOOC courses, users will:

  • understand why it is important to adapt quickly to a modern business culture and understand more about the added value of digitalization and innovation in CCS.
  • improve their competences in using digital technology, connecting and collaborate with other artists and collaborators, having advanced collaborative and communicative skills, promoting themselves and their work, and finding partners, investors, and new markets.
  • have the opportunity to learn more on how to search and filter the information the find on the internet, as well as how to evaluate the credibility of the data sources.
    gain media literacy skills by understanding the overwhelming sites of using social media platforms, giving them a time to reflect on what the negative consequences for their health and well-being are, while offering practical tips on how to stay safe in the online environment.
  • discover the National and European programmes and opportunities for youth in CCS. Best practices and initiatives around Europe supporting young people in CCS.

Upon completing each module, learners are invited to test their knowledge with a short 10-question quiz, for a total of five quizzes. These quizzes are designed to assess the understanding of the corresponding MOOC materials.

Upon successfully passing all five quizzes with a score of 60% or above, learners will be awarded a Certificate of Completion, recognizing their hard work and dedication to mastering essential skills in the Culture and Creative Sectors.

DPCT is a KA2 youth project approved by the Latvian national agency and co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Progamme of the European Union.

Access to DPCT platform.

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