Dissemination event in Slovakia – PNS

Jakub and Alexandra, two youth workers from Slovakia, organized a dissemination event for their classmates after their participation in the project “Prepared Not Scared”. The objective was to explain the core of their involvement in the training course and to introduce the wider context of Erasmus+.

They started by exchanging stories of the connections they created with participants from various countries of the EU, each offering a distinctive viewpoint. The importance of disaster preparedness, global concerns, and youth empowerment within the initiative were highlighted with engaging workshops, interactive conversations, and practical activities.

They illustrated how Erasmus+ serves as a gateway to international exploration, offering ways for personal and professional growth. With a touch of their personal experiences, they highlighted Erasmus+’s role in fostering intercultural understanding, building lifelong friendships, and nurturing global citizens.

The event concluded with an interactive session, where classmates eagerly inquired about Erasmus+ opportunities and application processes. The lively discussion reaffirmed that the seeds of curiosity had been sown, ready to bloom into future endeavors.

Jakub and Alexandra’s dissemination event left an indelible mark. They left their peers with a call to action: to explore the boundless opportunities Erasmus+ offers, to step out of comfort zones, and to be part of a global movement for positive change.

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