Dissemination event in Poland – OEOC

During a routine work reunion in Warsaw, Piotr, a dedicated youth worker from Poland, took a moment to share something special with his colleagues. It wasn’t about the usual agenda items or project updates; instead, he explained about his recent experience with the Erasmus+ project “One Earth, One Chance”. 

With a projector displaying images from his time in Spain, Piotr recounted the multicultural interactions, the hands-on activities centered around climate change, and the immersive sessions on sustainability. His colleagues found themselves captivated by Piotr’s tales of collaboration, learning, and personal growth. 

Piotr spoke of the “Time Capsule” event on the Benalmádena beach, where he and participants from various countries penned down their hopes for a sustainable future. Using a mix of photos and videos, Piotr emphasized the transformative nature of the project. He spoke of the skills he honed, the international friendships he forged, and the invaluable insights he gained about global challenges and their potential solutions. 

But what resonated most with his colleagues was Piotr’s reflection on how the project’s methodologies could be integrated into their own work in Poland. He discussed the potential of applying the strategies and lessons from the Erasmus+ training to local initiatives, emphasizing the importance of youth involvement in addressing global issues. 

Many colleagues expressed interest in the Erasmus+ program, with some even considering participation in future projects. By the end of the reunion, it was clear that Piotr had done more than just share his personal journey. He had inspired his peers, ignited a spark of curiosity, and showcased the potential of international collaborations like “One Earth, One Chance” in shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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