Dissemination event in Estonia – RA4All

Date: 1st of June 2022. 

Title: Celebration of The International Day for Protection of Children 

Place: Estonia, Tallinn, Kadriorg park

In the event, the block related to people’s rights was a part of a big event in Tallinn Kadriorg park for children and parents and it was done in cooperation with Estonian Union for Child Welfare and the program Free of Bullying in Estonia. 

Target audience: children and parents

Number of participants: approx. 160 people

Purpose of the event: to spread knowledge received on the training course „Rights are 4 All“ and to put people think how human rights and human values are connected between themselves. 

To achieve the goal the film „Buddy Bear is now in Estonia“ created by the Estonian Union for Child Welfare was shown to start discussion and to spread the message of the connection of rights and human values (courage, care, tolerance, respect), to educate children and parents about the rights they have (including whether they are minorities in society) and how the right to be protected from violence is guaranteed. 

The result: Educational work on the topic of children’s rights, the discussion of children’s rights, especially spreading the idea of a Convention on the Right of the Child to be protected from any type of violence.

The main ideas shared in the event, that disseminate the ideas of the Erasmus+ project training course „Rights are 4 All“:

  • Everyone has the right to be protected from any kind of violence;
  • The rights apply to everyone from birth, regardless of age, gender, nationality or any other specificity;
  • The rights are the same for all people;
  • The rights of the child are human rights. The rights of the child are enshrined in a document called the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Almost all countries in the world have committed themselves to guaranteeing the rights of children enshrined in this document, including Estonia;
  • Rights and obligations go hand in hand. Every right also means fulfilling an obligation; 
  • In exercising human rights, everyone must not prejudice the legitimate interests and rights of other children or adults.

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