Dissemination event in Estonia – RA4All

Date: 5th of June 2022.

Trainers: Saskia Muru and Aleksandra Munts-Avajõe

Title: Training of Remniku youth and children’s camp educators

Place: Estonia, Remniku 

Target audience: children and young people teachers and educators

Number of participants: 18 

Purpose of the event: to spread knowledge received on the training course „Rights are 4 All“ and to make teachers and educators think about human rights and basic human values like tolerance, respect, care and courage and how they can teach about human rights to children in a practical and playful way like we did on the training course  „Rights Are 4 All“.

The result: As icebreakers, we played a number of games that we learned and experienced during the course „Rights Are 4 All“ and we received good feedback. We asked participants to do group work and present their thoughts. Teachers discussed how human rights and children’s rights are linked. Trainers shared the idea of a Convention on the Right of the Child. Special attention was paid to be protected from any type of violence – everyone (also the minorities) has the right to be protected from any kind of violence and the rights are the same for all people. During the training day, we taught the teachers “Free from bullying!” playful ways to develop values and cultivate awareness of human rights in Remniku summer camp.

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