Dissemination event in Denmark – OEOC

Fresh from his experience at the “One Earth, One Chance” training course in Spain, Ilie, a youth worker from Denmark was able to share his insights and newfound knowledge with fellow youth workers in Denmark. The event was held at a community center, drawing young people from different backgrounds. Ilie’s presentation was a harmonious blend of personal experiences, key learnings from Spain, and his vision for the future through the lens of “PEOPLE OF 2050”. 

Ilie began by sharing some quotes from the training, emphasizing the diverse activities he was part of, from the evocative “Time Capsule” event on the Benalmádena beach to the rich interactions with international participants. He highlighted the importance of viewing climate change as a global challenge, one that transcends borders and calls for collective action. Using multimedia tools, Ilie showcased videos and photos from his time in Spain, offering attendees a look into the hands-on experiences and the vibrant intercultural nights. He also explained the sustainable practices he observed in Benalmádena, drawing parallels to potential initiatives in Denmark. 

But what truly set the event apart was Ilie’s vision for “PEOPLE OF 2050”. As the president of the organization, he spoke passionately about his plans to integrate some of the methods and strategies from the Erasmus+ training into their work. 

An interactive workshop followed, where youth workers brainstormed on how they could collaboratively adapt and implement these lessons in their local communities. As the event wrapped up, Ilie urged his peers to be catalysts for change, emphasizing the important role of youth workers in molding a generation that’s environmentally conscious and proactive. 

He also championed the Erasmus+ program as an important tool for continuous learning and global collaboration. The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing a keen interest in collaborating with “PEOPLE OF 2050”. Ilie’s dissemination event not only showcased the profound impact of the “One Earth, One Chance” training but also illuminated the potential of shared experiences in shaping a sustainable future.

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