Dissemination event in Czech Republic – PNS

Dominik, a youth worker  from the Czech Republic took a step to enlighten his colleagues. Having participated in the “Prepared Not Scared” project, he organized a session to share his experience and new knowledge. He started by talking about his time there, the people he met, and the things he learned.

He described the interactive workshops, discussions, and activities that focused on disaster preparedness, global issues, and youth empowerment. He shared how participants from different backgrounds contributed diverse viewpoints, making the discussions richer.

Beyond the project, he talked about Erasmus+ as a platform for international exposure. He explained how it helps with personal and professional growth, promoting intercultural understanding and forming lasting connections.

The session was interactive, with his colleagues asking questions about the project and Erasmus+. The conversation covered application processes, experiences of other participants, and potential benefits.

As the session ended, he encouraged his colleagues to explore Erasmus+ opportunities and consider projects like “Prepared Not Scared” to broaden their horizons.

Through this event, Dominik aimed to inspire his colleagues. He showcased the impact of international projects in shaping perspectives and enhancing skills. His simple and informative approach reflected the essence of collaboration and the value of shared learning.

In a world where shared knowledge matters, this youth worker’s initiative demonstrated the power of education, curiosity, and the role of youth in building a better future.

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