Dissemination event in Bulgaria – OEOC

Bulgarian youth worker Angela was ready to tell her colleagues about the Erasmus+ project “One Earth, One Chance” and how it impacted her life. Angela began by describing her stay in Spain in great detail, describing the cross-cultural relationships, the practical climate change efforts, and the in-depth explorations of sustainability.

During the “Time Capsule” event, she transferred her listeners to Benalmádena with each narrative, letting them feel the sun on their faces and hear the waves crashing on the beach. Using a combination of images, films, and personal tales, Angela highlighted how the initiative gave her a new outlook on societal problems. She talked about the abilities she developed, the international relationships she made, and the priceless insights she discovered.

But Angela’s explanation of the project’s process was what touched an emotional chord with her coworkers the most. She explained how it perfectly complemented their joint objectives as youth workers and how it provided a solid basis for putting academic theories into concrete, real-world situations. Angela highlighted her passionate confidence in the transforming effect of Erasmus+ programs as she closed off her presentation.

She encouraged her peers to take part in efforts like these by highlighting their potential as change agents as well as educational tools. The feedback was overwhelmingly favorable. Numerous of her coworkers showed a strong interest in the Erasmus+ program; some even approached Angela after her presentation to learn more about her experiences and how they, too, might take part in such meaningful projects.

Through her sharing, Angela did more than just recount her experiences; she ignited a spark of curiosity and passion in her colleagues, showcasing the ripple effect that projects like “One Earth, One Chance” can have on communities and professionals alike.

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