Dissemination event in Bulgaria – PNS

When Todor from Bulgaria returned from his Erasmus+ training in Spain, he decided to share his new knowledge, so he organized a session at his university. Todor began by detailing his personal experiences, highlighting the diverse group of individuals he had the privilege to interact with and the myriad of perspectives he was exposed to.

He then explained the core idea of the Erasmus+ program. He emphasized its commitment to fostering European cooperation, promoting youth mobility, and ensuring that young individuals are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate an increasingly complex world. With the aid of visual aids, Todor showcased the various initiatives, training programs, and exchange opportunities that Erasmus+ offers.

A significant portion of his presentation was dedicated to the “Prepared Not Scared” training he had attended. He spoke about the importance of disaster preparedness, the global relevance of understanding hazards, and the strategies to mitigate risks. Drawing from his hands-on experiences, Todor underscored the broader message: in a world fraught with uncertainties, being prepared is paramount.

But Todor’s event was not just about sharing knowledge; it was a call to action. He encouraged his peers to explore the opportunities that Erasmus+ offers, to step out of their comfort zones, and to become ambassadors of change in their own right. The Q&A session that followed was a testament to the impact of Todor’s presentation. His colleagues inquired about application processes, eligibility criteria, and the personal and professional benefits of participating in Erasmus+ programs.

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