Dissemination event in Belgium – OEOC

In a classroom filled with students of the Master’s in Sociocultural Studies in Belgium, Clara and Cleire took the stage to share their experience after their participation in the Erasmus+ project “One Earth, One Chance”. 

They recounted their experiences in Spain, from multicultural interactions to hands-on activities addressing climate change and sustainability. Using visuals, videos, and personal anecdotes, they described how the project offered them a unique lens on global challenges while allowing them to develop practical skills and forge international connections. 

What truly captured the class’s attention was Clara and Cleire’s description of the project’s methodology, how it aligned with their sociocultural studies, and how it provided a platform to apply academic theories in real-world scenarios. 

At the end of their presentation, both expressed their strong belief in the value of Erasmus+ programs for students like themselves. Feedback from their classmates was overwhelmingly positive. Many were intrigued by the idea of participating in a similar project, and some even approached Clara and Cleire post-presentation to get more details on how they could get involved in future Erasmus+ projects. 

With their presentation, Clara and Cleire not only shared their personal journey but also planted a seed of curiosity and interest in many of their peers, showcasing the transformative potential of Erasmus+ programs.

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