Projuven debate “The labor challenge of youth unemployment”

This morning Asociación Projuven has held a meeting for Spanish students at the University of Malaga. The main theme of the talk was ¨The job challenge of youth unemployment¨, a fairly current issue with a big impact on society.Youth unemployment is a problem that is increasingly affecting more Western societies and where many institutions and organizations are working to end it.

Projuven started its presentation with a brief summary of the current labor market situation and commented on some of the most important issues such as why the economy is not creating jobs at the cadency that is required ?, Why the youth unemployment started ? What can be done to reduce it?

During the talk the team of Projuven presented to the students its project under the Erasmus Plus program, “Employability Skills 4 Youth” (ES4Y), which aims to provide to youth workers innovative training methodologies as well as vocational and non-formal training in the EU and Latin America for young people who face greater difficulties in entering the labor market and who are more vulnerable to being at risk of social exclusion. The project aims to contribute to the implementation of the “Europe 2020” strategy, which works specifically in the fight against poverty and social exclusion of young people.

In addition, Projuven has had the opportunity to inform and introduce young people to another project “eSkills for Volunteers”, a Strategic Partnership in the field of youth. As coordinator of this project the main objective of Projuven is the strengthening of the digital sector knowledge of the organizations involved and their teams, volunteers and European youth.


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