#PJstories – Interview with Rossella Di Ruocco

Rossella participated in the Training Course Youth Diplomats” organized by PROJUVEN in Torremolinos, Spain

Hello Rossella! How did you learn about the project “Youth Diplomats”?

Sometimes I participate to the activities of “Active Youth for Europe” (Italy), my sending association . I find it very interesting and I decided to apply and go to Malaga, Spain.

Did you have problems to integrate yourself in the group?

Absolutely no. I notice that I can integrate myself easier in an international group, maybe because I’m really openminded and curious about other cultures. I love the “diversity”, it makes us original and nowadays is important because there are more diversities than in the past, and we have to respect each other.

Did the activities during the training course meet your expectation?

In reality they overcome it. There were a lot of non formal activities to know each other and to compare our culture, politics and social situations. Sometimes the activities were on the beach with a beautiful atmosphere.

Why should we care about youth diplomacy?

Because we need to find a balance in our society to improve it and live better. Fighting doesn’t solve anything, discussing and find a solution yes, is better for everyone. Peace builders teach us how good creates good and a peaceful mood in our lives. We made a lot of activities about this like discussing and finding a solution all together no matter our differences.

Will you recommend this kind of experience to your friends? 

Sure. It’s an experience to do at least once in our life. After this you have: first more friends from different countries and second more information about their countries and thank to this you can look in a different way your country and you can improve it!

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